Breathe. Stretch. Take Off

Flex-n-Fly is bridging the gap between travel and wellness. We are a travel wellness company that provides stretching/yoga, and relaxation classes to travelers before they board their international and domestic flights. Our desire is to help travelers that suffer from anxiety. Our vision is to help flyers create healthy habits while providing an atmosphere of quietude in flight and at the airport.

Team Members

Our Core Minds


Youmie Jean Francois

Youmie Jean Francois is the visionary force behind Flex-n-Fly, where she holds the role of Founder and CEO. Guiding the company with a clear vision, strategic acumen, and hands-on approach to operations, Francois’s journey to entrepreneurship is as diverse as it is inspiring. She attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges, majoring in English with dual minors in Education and Business. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for her subsequent endeavors into the realms of professional acting and dancing, through which her passion for travel and exploration was ignited. She is fluent in four languages and has a hospitality background of over ten years furthering her love for community and providing excellent customer service. Francois’s wanderlust has led her to corners of the globe ranging from the bustling markets of China and the historic landscapes of England and Germany, to the cultural tapestries of Israel, Lisbon, Morocco, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, among others. It was during a visit to Morocco that the concept of Flex-n-Fly was conceived. As an avid traveler, travel and wellness consultant, licensed private pilot, and engaging speaker, Francois embodies the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of dreams. For those looking to learn more about Youmie Jean Francois or to collaborate with her, she welcomes you to connect at