Breathe. Stretch. Take Off

Flex-n-Fly is a wellness company that provides stretching/relaxation classes to travelers before they board their international and domestic flights. We also offer inflight programs. Our vision is to help flyers create healthy habits while providing an atmosphere of quietude at the airport.

Team Members

Our Core Minds

Youmie Jean Francois | Flex-n-fly

Founder & CEO

Youmie Jean Francois

Youmie Jean Francois is the founder and CEO of Flex-n-Fly. She is responsible for the company’s overall vision, strategy, and operations. Francois attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges. After majoring in English and double minoring in Education and Business, Francois transitioned into a professional acting and dancing career. Her love of traveling has taken her to China, England, Germany, Israel, Lisbon Portugal, Morocco, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and more. It was in Morocco the idea of Flex-n-Fly was birthed. Francois is an avid traveler, wellness consultant, and speaker. She has a habit of empowering others to go after their dreams, and you can find her attending stretching classes at Flex-n-Fly in airports around the world. Yes, she’s manifesting that.

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Chief of Research & Planning

Michael Jennings

Michael Jennings is the Chief of Research and Planning of Flex-n-Fly. As the head of planning, he is responsible for anticipating any and all challenges that might present themselves as the company grows. Prior to Flex-n-Fly, Michael was working in the sciences where he focused on studying and researching Physics. He graduated with high honors with a B.S. in Physics from the University at Albany.