Peaceful Flights

At Flex-n-Fly, our mission is to help relax travelers that suffer from anxiety while building a community at the airport. We understand that flying can be an overwhelming experience for many. Because of that, we created “The Flex 35”. The Flex 35 is our 35-minute exercise formula infused with stretching, breathing, and restorative yoga. Classes are on the hour every hour. You can book online to reserve your spot or you can find us at an airport near you.


Of Peace



Corporate Wellness

A successful work environment is one that is conducive for employees’ ability to effectively, efficiently, and consistently complete tasks that support in the achievement of the company overall goals. The health and well-being of the individual employee is instrumental to the company’s success.

Stress-related illnesses are increasingly becoming a detractor to successful work environments. They have been linked to decrease productivity, unscheduled absences, increase in mental health impairment and even physical ailments. Flex-N-Fly help create an atmosphere of peace, gratitude and balance for employees and employers everywhere. Contact us if you’d like us to hold a class for your team. We promise, it’s worth it.