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5 Wellness Tips to Survive Long Flights

5 Wellness Tips to Survive Long Flights

We promise you, those simple wellness tips can transform nightmarish long flights into a soothing travel experience!


Long hauls are pretty much daunting. Anything can go sideways when on-boarding a much awaited trip. From your seat neighbor that has no particular sense of airplane etiquette, to fidgeting your way into another restless night, trying to sleep by mastering a never seen posture!

However, most of the factors that contribute to a weary long haul experience can easily be reduced, and even be transformed into a much more soothing escapade through the clouds. Here are our top 5 wellness tips to help you survive long flights.

5 Wellness Tips to Survive Long Flights

1. Hydration

Hydration is on top of our list because it can impact our bodies heavily if we do not take it seriously. Let’s get it straight: water is your best friend when it comes to traveling long hauls. Airplanes are a climate-controlled environment and the humidity can be so low, travel experts compared that to the Sahara desert!

Although we wouldn’t mind dreaming of an oasis surrounded by palm trees in a long flight, it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated. Try to avoid any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages as this may speed up the dehydration process, which can lead to a tougher jet-lag. If you are not an H2O enthusiast, bring along natural flavored tea bags to help you survive long flights such as mint or lemon.

2. Wear the right outfits

Dress to rest, not to impress! Of course, we are not implying that you should wear your favorite PJ’s or yoga pants, but picking comfy clothes that screams practicality will help you survive long flights. Other elements to take into consideration is the quality of the fabric. Ensure it is lightweight, keeps you warm and breathable.

As mentioned earlier, anything can go sideways during a flight. From silly spills to additional hours stranded in the airport due to delayed flights…so you might want to pack extra clothes in your carry-on just to be safe.

3. Eat nutritious food

Nutrition is key when it comes to nurturing your body during long hauls. Even before stepping into the airport, try to strengthen your immune system 3 days before by indulging in unprocessed and wholesome foods.

Let’s be honest, we often drool over that enigmatic fast-food aroma that immediately awakens all our senses! Don’t fall for that juicy Big Mac! You really want to avoid any food that has preservatives and high salt content. Favor food with high water content and fiber such as fresh fruits, trail mix for a quick snack, vegetables and lean protein.

4. Exercise from your seat

There are simple and easy in-flight exercises that you can do from the comfort of your airplane seat. These intentional movements can help reduce the muscle discomfort from sitting still for hours during long haul flights. The best part of it? You won’t be seen as a weirdo because these quick exercises go easily unnoticeable! 

😌For your shoulders: Sit straight and rest your arms on your side. Slowly roll your shoulders forward three to five times and repeat the process by rolling it backwards.

😌For your neck: Sit straight and drop your chin to your chest. Slowly rotate your head three to five times in a clockwise direction and repeat in an anti-clockwise direction.

😌For your ankles: Sit straight and slightly lift your legs off the ground. Slowly rotate your ankles in a clockwise direction for three to five times and repeat the same motion in an anti-clockwise direction.

Do not forget to regulate your breathing, ensuring deep inhales and exhales throughout the exercises.

5 Wellness Tips to Survive Long Flights

5. Relaxing Essential Oils

Did you know that you can carry your essential oils with you while traveling? Before you step in the heavenly mood that aromatherapy can provide, ensure that you follow the guidelines when it comes to the container size and that it is in a clear zip-lock bag. 

Essential oils are known to have a calming effect and can easily reduce stress or anxiety. Special blends can also help you sleep, and we are all for it when it comes to long flights! However, it is a good practice to distill in water. This will bring a more mild essence and won’t annoy the sensitiveness of other travelers.


Are you a travel aficionado when it comes to long hauls? We would love to read the tips that help you survive long flights!

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