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About Flex-N-Fly

Flex-n-Fly is bridging the gap between travel and wellness. We are a travel wellness company that provides stretching/yoga, and relaxation classes to travelers before they board their international and domestic flights. Our desire is to help travelers that suffer from anxiety. Our vision is to help flyers create healthy habits while providing an atmosphere of quietude in flight and at the airport.


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At Flex-n-Fly, our mission is to help relax travelers that suffer from anxiety while building a community at the airport. We understand that flying can be an overwhelming experience for many. We believe that your mental health should be a priority. Because of that, we created “The Flex 35”. The Flex 35 is our 10 to 35 minutes exercise formula infused with stretching, breathing, and restorative yoga. Classes are on the hour every hour. Classses are also open to children 5 and up. You can book online to reserve your spot or you can find us at an airport near you.


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I just love this travel mat so much. Its Design of course, but this is one of the most comfortable mat I ever used! Not only for the traveling, but I also teach Yoga all over the place and this is one of the best!


The best mat i’ve owned since I started my Yoga journey! This particular mat is so soft yet allows me a firm enough grip to not slip on certain poses! I love that it is washable because I have a tendency to sweat in hot yoga. So happy I purchased!


This is such a great travel mat. I use it for my pilates practice and I also hang it on my wall in room. It’s beautiful. I washed it in the washer and it came out perfect. Great buy. Will definitely be getting another one for my Mom.